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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 98 Number 2 (Spring 2007)


Rediscovering a Coastal Prairie near Friday Harbor. Tom Schroeder, 55-63

"Raising Cain": Senator Harry Cain and His Attack on the Attorney General's List of Subversive Organizations. Robert Justin Goldstein, 64-77

"A Place So Dull and Dreary": The Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Okanagan, 1821-1860. H. Lloyd Keith, 78-94


Richard W. Etulain, Beyond the Missouri: The Story of the American West, by John M. Findlay, 95-96

LeRoy Ashby, With Amusement for All: A History of American Popular Culture since 1830, by Roderick Frazier Nash, 96

Michael L. Tate, Indians and Emigrants: Encounters on the Overland Trails, by John Mack Faragher, 96-97

Ernestine Hayes, Blonde Indian: An Alaskan Native Memoir, by Josh Reid, 97-98

Sarah Crawford Isto, Good Company: A Mining Family in Fairbanks, Alaska, by Ken Owens, 98-99

Richard A. Rajala, Up-Coast: Forests and Industry on British Columbia's North Coast, 1870-2005, by Heather Mayer, 99-100

Preston Jones, Empire's Edge: American Society in Nome Alaska, 1898-1934, by Mary Childers Mangusso, 100-101

Elizabeth Orr and William Orr, Oregon Water: An Environmental History, by Mark Fiege, 101

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis, 103-104

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