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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 98 Number 1 (Winter 2006/2007)


"Beaver Are Numerous, but the Natives…Will Not Hunt Them": Native-Fur Trader Relations in the Willamette Valley, 1812-1814.
Melinda Marie Jetté, 3-17

The Old Navy in the Pacific West: Naval Discipline in Seattle, 1855-1856. Lorraine McConaghy, 18-28

LaSalle Street Capitalists, Charles Hammett, and Irrigated Farming at King Hill. Hugh T. Lovin, 29-38


Katrine Barber, Death of Celilo Falls, by David R. Wilson, 39

John D. W. Guice, ed., By His Own Hand? The Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis, by Michael R. Anderson, 39-40

Janet Ore, The Seattle Bungalow: People and Houses, 1900-1940, by Julie Nicoletta, 40-41

William Wyckoff, On the Road Again: Montana's Changing Landscape, by Timothy Orr, 41-42

Dennis L. Swibold, Copper Chorus: Mining Politics, and the Montana Press, 1889-1959, by Aaron Goings, 42-43

George Venn, Soldier to Advocate: C.E.S. Wood's 1877 Legacy, Brian Casserly, 43-44

Odin Baugh, John Frank Stevens: American Trailblazer, by W. Thomas White, 44-45

John W. Heaton, The Shoshone-Bannocks: Culture and Commerce at Fort Hall, 1870-1940, by Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, 45-46

Judy M. Morley, Historic Preservation and the Imagined West: Albuquerque, Denver, and Seattle, by Gordon Caswell, 46-47

David Robertson, Hard as the Rock Itself: Place and Identity in the American Mining Town; and Aaro E. Aho, Hills of Silver: The Yukon's Mighty Keno Hill Mine, by Chris Herbert, 47-48

Martha Harroun Foster, We Know Who We Are: Métis Identity in a Montana Community, by Gerhard J. Ens, 48-49

Annie Constance Christensen, ed., Letters from the Governor's Wife: A View of Russian Alaska, 1859-1862, by Robert Miller, 49

Jan Hare and Jean Barman, eds., Good Intentions Gone Awry: Emma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest Coast, by Christopher F. Roth, 50

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis, 51-52

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