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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 95 Number 4 (Fall 2004)


Lewis and Clark: Exploring under the Influence of Alexander Mackenzie. David L. Nicandri

Dutiful Daughter to Independent Woman: The Diaries of Reba Hurn, 1907-1908. Laura Arksey

Remaking the Palouse: Farming, Capitalism, and Environmental Change, 1825-1914. Andrew P. Duffin


Galen Roger Perras, Stepping Stones to Nowhere: The Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and American Military Strategy, 1867-1945, by Ken Coates

William Schneider, …So They Understand: Cultural Issues in Oral History, by Thomas F. Thornton

John Barker and Douglas Cole, eds., At Home with the Bella Coola Indians: T. F. McIlwraith's Field Letters, 1922-4, by William R. Seaburg

Peter H. Hassrick, Drawn to Yellowstone: Artists in America's First National Park, by Brian W. Dippie

Norma Smith, Jeannette Rankin: America's Conscience, by Julie Neuffer

Larry Cebula, Plateau Indians and the Quest for Spiritual Power, 1700-1850, by Robert H. Ruby

Linda Lawrence Hunt, Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk across Victorian America, by C. Elizabeth Raymond

Molly Cone, Howard Droker, and Jacqueline Williams, Family of Strangers: Building a Jewish Community in Washington State, by Julia Niebuhr Eulenberg

Dale W. Nelson, Interpreters with Lewis and Clark: The Story of Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau, by David L. Nicandri

Paul Schullery and Lee Whittlesey, Myth and History in the Creation of Yellowstone National Park, by James Pritchard

Najia Aarim-Heriot, Chinese Immigrants, African Americans, and Racial Anxiety in the United States, 1848-82, by Moon-Ho Jung

John Early Haynes and Harvey Klehr, In Denial: Historians, Communism, and Espionage, by Burton W. Folsom Jr.

James P. Ronda, Beyond Lewis and Clark: The Army Explores the West, Michele Nacy

The Archivist' Page: Searching for Edward Lange: An Early Artist of Washington State, submitted by Drew W. Crooks, edited by Bill Alley

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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