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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 94 Number 4 (Fall 2003)


Victoria Welcomes the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory: Science and Society in the Pacific Northwest. George E. Webb

"Names Joined Together as Our Hearts Are": The Friendship of Samuel Hill and Reginald H. Thomson. William H. Wilson

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union in the Pacific Northwest: The Battle for Cultural Control. Dale E. Soden


Stephen Haycox, Frigid Embrace: Politics, Economics, and Environment in Alaska, by Terrence Cole

Susan McKay, The Courage Our Stories Tell: The Daily Lives and Maternal Child Health Care of Japanese American Women at Heart Mountain, by Cathy J. Tashiro

Rick Harmon, Crater Lake National Park: A History, by Alfred Runte

Stan Flewelling, Shirakawa: Stories from a Pacific Northwest Japanese American Community; and Jeffrey F. Burton, Mary M. Farrell, Florence B. Lord, and Richard W. Lord, eds., Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites, by Eric Cunningham

Kathleen Lopp Smith and Verbeck Smith, eds., Ice Window: Letters from a Bering Strait Village, 1892-1902, by John W. Heaton

Patricia Pierce Erikson, Voices of a Thousand People: The Makah Cultural and Research Center; and Ann M. Tweedie, Drawing Back Culture: The Makah Struggle for Repatriation, by Cary C. Collins

Clinton L. Evans, The War on Weeds in the Prairie West: An Environmental History, by John E. Banks

W. J. Rorabaugh, Kennedy and the Promise of the Sixties, by Terry Anderson

The Archivists' Page: Vancouver's Own Heroes of the Soviet Union, edited by Bill Alley

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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