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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 94 Number 2 (Spring 2003)


Federal Intervention and Irrigated Farming at King Hill. Hugh T. Lovin

The Creffield-Mitchell Case, Seattle, 1906: The Unwritten Law in the Pacific Northwest. Rosemary Gartner and Jim Phillips

"Midnight Justice": Lynching and Law in the Pacific Northwest. Michael J. Pfeifer


Laurie Mercier, Anaconda: Labor, Community, and Culture in Montana's Smelter City, by Keith Edgerton

Susan Kollin, Nature's State: Imagining Alaska as the Last Frontier, by David Copland Morris

Thomas Clarkin, Federal Indian Policy in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, 1961-1969, by Roger L. Nicholas

Stuart Allan, Aileen R. Buckley, and James E. Meacham, Atlas of Oregon, ed. William G. Loy, by Douglas Deur

Lloyd Keith, ed., North of Athabasca: Slave Lake and Mackenzie River Documents of the North West Company, 1800-1821, by Ryan J. Carey

Carolyn Neal and Thomas Kilday Janus, Puget Sound Ferries: From Canoe to Catamaran, an Illustrated History, by Jeffrey J. Safford

Kenneth D. Rose, One Nation Underground: The Fallout Shelter in American Culture, by Allan M. Winkler

S. R. Gage, Forgotten Places in the North, by David Jessup

Doug Chin, Seattle's International District: The Making of a Pan-Asian American Community, by Carli Crozier Schiffner

Barbara E. Kelcey, Alone in Silence: European Women in the Canadian North before 1940, by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal

Donald Craig Mitchell, Take My Land, Take My Life: The Story of Congress's Historic Settlement of Alaska Native Land Claims, 1960-1971, by Thomas F. Thornton

R. David Edmunds, eds., The New Warriors: Native American Leaders since 1900, by Michelle Wick Patterson

John Fahey, Saving the Reservation: Joe Garry and the Battle to Be Indian, by Bob Chenoweth

Doreen Armitage, Around the Sound: A History of Howe Sound—Whistler, by Jeff Crane

J. David Stevens, The Word Rides Again: Rereading the Frontier in American Fiction, by Richard W. Etulain

G. Thomas Edwards, Tradition in a Turbulent Age: Whitman College, 1925-1975, by Paul E. Bragdon

The Archivists' Page: Archives Project Bears Fruit, submitted by Bill Alley

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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