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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 93 Number 4 (Fall 2002)


Teng Baiyne and Mark Tobey: Interactions between Chinese and American Art in Shanghai and Seattle. David Clarke

"The Whole Process Made a Wonderful Story": The Women's Campaign for Redistricting. John Fahey

"The Great Spirit Was Grieved:" Religion and Environment among the Cowlitz Indians. Brett Rushforth


Robert Bringhurst, A Story As Sharp As a Knife: The Classical Haida Mythtellers and Their World, by Wendy Wickwire

Elmer R. Rusco, A Fateful Time: The Background and Legislative History of the Indian Reorganization Act, by Kathryn A. Abbott

Powell Greenland, Hydraulic Mining in California: A Tarnished Legacy, by Eric L. Clements

Timothy Rawson, Changing Tracks: Predators and Politics in Mt. McKinley National Park, by David Louter

James Warren, The War Years: A Chronicle of Washington State in World War II, by Ken Coates

David A. White, comp. and ed., News of the Plain and Rockies, 1803-1865: Original Narratives of Overland Travel and Adventures Selected from the Wagner-Camp and Becker Bibliography of Western Americana, Vol. 8, by Dwight L. Smith

Carolyn N. Long, Religious Freedom and Indians Rights: The Case of Oregon v. Smith, by David J. Langum

Richard D. Gwydir, Recollections from the Colville Indian Agency, 1886-1889, ed. Kevin Dye, by Nancy Driscol Engle

C. Ross Greening, Not as Briefed: From the Doolittle Raid to a German Stalag, comp. and ed. Dorothy Greening and Karen Morgan Driscoll, by G. Thomas Edwards

Robert Sadamu Shimabukuro, Born in Seattle: The Campaign for Japanese American Redress, by Michael Serizawa Brown

Ted Van Arsdol, ed., Frontier Soldier: The Letters of Maj. John S. Hatheway, 1833-1853, by Adam Kane

James Ruppert and John W. Bernet, eds., Our Voices: Natives Stories of Alaska and the Yukon, by Michelle Wick Patterson

Barton H. Barbour, Fort Union and the Upper Missouri Fur Trade, by Kevin R. Marsh

Alden Todd, Abandoned: The Story of the Greely Arctic Expedition, 1881-1884; and Emily Reynolds Baker, Caleb Reynolds, American Seafarer: Based on the Papers of Caleb Reynolds, 1771-1858, ed. Richard A. Pierce, by John Barnes

The Archivists' Page: Fred W. Voget Collection at the University of Montana's Mansfield Library, submitted by Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Links to History, compiled by Alan Stein

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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