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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 93 Number 3 (Summer 2002)


Meeting the Danger of Fire: Design and Construction in Seattle after 1889. Jeffrey Karl Ochsner and Dennis Alan Anderson

For the Sake of Seattle's Soul: The Seattle Council of Churches, the Nikkei Community, and World War II. Douglas Dye

Finns on Both Sides: The Development of Finnish Communities along the Lower Columbia River. P. G. Hummasti


Ray Allen Billington and Martin Ridge, Westward Expansion: A History of the American Frontier, 6th ed., by George E. Webb

Charles David Jacobson, Ties That Bind: Economic and Political Dilemmas of Urban Utility Networks, 1800-1990, by Matthew W. Klingle

Ferenc Morton Szasz, Scots in the North American West, 1790-1917, by Elliott West

Colin F. Taylor, Native American Weapons, by Michael A. Bellesiles

Keith Thor Carlson, ed., A Stó:lo-Coast Salish Historical Atlas, by Eugene S. Hunn

Melissa Young, How Can I Keep on Singing? (film), by Beth Kraig

Frederica de Laguna, Travels among the Dena: Exploring Alaska's Yukon Valley; and Jean Murray Cole, ed., This Blessed Wilderness: Archibald McDonald's Letters from the Columbia, 1822-1844, by Mott T. Greene

William G. Robbins, ed., The Great Northwest: The Search for Regional Identity, by David L. Nicandri

William E. Farr and William W. Beavis, eds. Fifty Years after "The Big Sky": New Perspectives on the Fiction and Films of A. B. Guthrie Jr., by Dan Gagliasso

Richard Somerset Mackie, Island Timber: A Social History of the Comox Logging Company, Vancouver Island; and Gordon Hak, Turning Trees into Dollars: The British Columbia Coastal Lumber Industry, 158-1913, by Matthew Sneddon

Charles M. Robinson III, General Crook and the Western Frontier, by William A. Dobak

Lewis O. Saum, Eugene Field and His Age, by Lee Nash

Sherry L. Smith, Reimagining Indians: Native Americans through Anglo Eyes, 1880-1940, by Alexandra Harmon

Patrick Macklem, Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada, by Michael Egan

Donald L. Fixico, The Urban Indian Experience in America, by Coll-Peter Thrush

Tom Dunlay, Kit Carson and the Indians, by Daniel Justin Herman

Carsten Lien, ed., Exploring the Olympic Mountains: Accounts of the Earliest Expeditions, 1878-1890, by T. Jason Soderstrum

William G. Robbins and James C. Foster, eds., Land in the American West: Private Claims and the Common Good; and Dorothee E. Kocks, Dream a Little: Land and Social Justice in Modern America, by Michael Magliari

M. Alfreda Elsensohn, Pioneer Days in Idaho Country, Vol. 2, by Lyle Wirtanen

The Archivists' Page: Who's Minding the Store? submitted by Robert Applegate

Links to History, compiled by Alan Stein

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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