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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 93 Number 2 (Spring 2002)


Chet-ze-moka, J. Ross Browne, and the Great Port Townsend Controversy. Elaine Naylor

Lessons in Citizenship, 1945-1949: The Delayed Return of the Japanese to Canada's Pacific Coast. Patricia E. Roy

Right in the Eye: The Political Style of Dixy Lee Ray. Kurt Kim Schaefer


Bill Reid, Solitary Raven: The Selected Writings of Bill Reid, ed. Robert Bringhurst; and Bill McLennan and Karen Duffek, The Transforming Image: Painted Arts of Northwest Coast First Nations, by Carl Gombert

T. M. Sell, Wings of Power: Boeing and the Politics of Growth in the Northwest, by Paul Spitzer

David M. Wrobel and Patrick T. Long, eds., Seeing and Being Seen: Tourism in the American West, by Raymond W. Rast

Richard E. Jensen and James S. Hutchins, eds., Wheel Boasts on the Missouri: The Journals and Documents of the Atkinson-O'Fallon Expedition, 1824-26, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Gail Wells and Dawn Anzinger, Lewis and Clark Meet Oregon's Forests: Lessons from Dynamic Nature, by Judith Green

Charles Kahn, Salt Spring: The Story of an Island, by Leland Donald

E. A. Porcher, A Tour of Duty in the Pacific Northwest: E. A. Porcher and HMS "Sparrowhawk," 1865-1868, ed. Dwight L. Smith, by Stanley D. M. Carpenter

Steve Mandich, Evel Incarnate: The Life and Legend of Evel Knievel, by Brian Shovers

Siobhan Senier, Voices of American Indian Assimilation and Resistance: Helen Hunt Jackson, Sarah Winnemucca, and Victoria Howard; and Sally Zanjani, Sarah Winnemucca, by Rose Stremlau

Simon M. Evans, Sarah Carter, and Bill Yeo, eds., Cowboys, Ranchers, and the Cattle Business: Cross-Border Perspectives on Ranching History, by J. C. Mutchler

Gwyneth Hoyle, Flowers in the Snow: The Life of Isobel Wylie Hutchison, by Rhoda M. Love

Theda Perdue, ed., Sifters: Native American Women's Lives, by Mary C. Wright

The Archivists' Page: Digital Collections in Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections at the Washington State University Libraries, submitted by Trevor James Bond

Worth Rereading: Selections from Northwest Bookshelves, 1880-1940

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Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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