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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 93 Number 1 (Winter 2001/2002)


"The Powerful Instrumentalities of Our Up-building": The Woman's Study League of Pocatello, 1896-1916. Holly J. Buck

Conservation, Irrigated Farming, and Yellowstone National Park's Cascade Corner. Hugh T. Lovin

Morely Roberts in the Western Avernus. Jeremy Mouat


Melville Jacobs, Badger and Coyote Were Neighbors: Melville Jacobs on Northwest Indian Myths and Tales, ed. William R. Seaburg and Pamela T. Amoss; Paul M. Levitt and Elissa S. Guralnick, How Raven Found the Daylight and Other American Indian Stories; Robert Bringhurst, trans., Nine Visits to the Mythworld: Ghandl of the Qayahl Llaanas; and Hans Himmelheber, Where the Echo Began and Other Oral Traditions from Southwestern Alaska Recorded by Hans Himmelheber, ed. Ann Fienup-Riordan, trans. Kurt Vitt and Ester Vitt, by Robert E. Walls

Gary Wyatt, ed., Susan Point: Coast Salish Artist; and John R. Bockstoce, Arctic Discoveries: Images from Voyages of Four Decades in the North, by Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse

Mike Mackey, ed., Guilt by Association: Essays on Japanese Settlement, Internment, and Relocation in the Rocky Mountain West, by Roger Daniels

Bradford James Rennie, The Rise of Agrarian Democracy: The United Farmers and Farm Women of Alberta, 1909-1921, by Gene Clanton

Robert A. Campbell, Sit Down and Drink Your Beer: Regulating Vancouver's Beer Parlours, 1925-1954, by W. J. Rorabaugh

Kate C. Duncan, One Thousand One Curious Things: Ye Olde Curiosity Shop and Native American Art, by Sherry L. Smith

Lesley Wischmann, Frontier Diplomats: The Life and Times of Alexander Culbertson and Natoyist-Siksina', by Claire Strom

Melvyn Dubofsky, We Shall Be All: A History of the Industrial Workers of the World, abridged ed., ed. Joseph A. McCartin, by Michael Munk

Mike Mackey, Heart Mountain: Life in Wyoming's Concentration Camps; and Mamoru Inouye with Grace Schaub, The Heart Mountain Story: Photographs by Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel of the World War II Internment of Japanese Americans, by Thomas Y. Fujita Rony

Frank B. Brouillet: An Oral History, interviewed by Sharon Boswell; James M. Dolliver: An Oral History, interviewed by Norman H. Clark and Susan McKeehan; and Robert F. Goldsworthy: An Oral History, interviewed by Sharon Boswell, by Mary L. Hanneman

Barney Nelson, The Wild and the Domestic: Animal Representations, Ecocriticism, and Western American Literature, by J. Donald Hughes

David W. Zimmerly, Qayaq: Kayaks of Alaska and Siberia, by Thomas F. Thornton

Evelyn McDaniel Gibb, Two Wheels North: Cycling the West Coast in 1909, by Beth Kalikoff and Ray W. Studebaker

Susan Badger Doyle, ed., Journeys to the Land of Gold: Emigrant Diaries from the Bozeman Trail, 1863-1866, by Matthew A. Redinger

Julie K. Stein, Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory: The Archaeology of San Juan Island, by Robert Muckle

The Archivists' Page: Pinto Colvig, Cartoonist and Clown, submitted by Bill Alley

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Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis with Michael Reese

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