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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 92 Number 1 (Winter 2000/2001)


Creating Boise's Capitol Boulevard. J. M. Neil

A Future with a Past: Hazel Pete, Cultural Identity, and the Federal Indian Education System. Cary C. Collins

Meany, Katz, and the History of Science at the University of Washington. Thomas L. Hankins

Women of the Seattle Public Schools. Doris H. Pieroth


Liping Zhu, A Chinaman's Chance: The Chinese on the Rocky Mountain Frontier, by Robert R. Swartout, Jr.

Alan Frost and Jane Samson, eds., Pacific Empires: Essays in Honour of Glyndwr Williams, by Stephen Haycox

Jeanette Taylor, River City: A History of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands, by Karla Stover

Dale D. Goble and Paul W. Hirt, eds., Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples: Readings in Environmental History, by Michael Handley

E. James Dixon, Bones, Boats, and Bison: Archaeology and the First Colonization of Western North America, by William R. Morrison

Mary Malloy, "Boston Men" on the Northwest Coast: The American Maritime Fur Trade, 1788-1844, by Robert Galois

Daniel W. Clayton, Islands of Truth: The Imperial Fashioning of Vancouver Island, by David Peterson del Mar

Richard W. Etulain and Jeronima Echeverria, eds., Portraits of Basques in the New World, by Steven S. Gillick

Jarold Ramsey, Reading the Fire: The Traditional Indian Literature of America, by Deirdre Raynor

J. William T. Youngs, The Fair and the Falls: Spokane's Expo '74: Transforming an American Environment, by Jay Brigham

Thomas W. Cowger, The National Congress of American Indians: The Founding Years, by Michelle Wick Patterson

Gary Moulton, ed., The Journals of Lewis and Clark Expedition, Vol. 12: Herbarium of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by William L. Lang

Roberta Ulrich, Empty Nets: Indians, Dams, and the Columbia River, by Deward E. Walker, Jr., and Peter N. Jones

Bryan Waterman and Brian Kagel, The Lord's University: Freedom and Authority at BYU, by Dale E. Soden

Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes, Long Day's Journey: The Steamboat and Stagecoach Era in the Northern West, by Charles V. Mutschler

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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