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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 91 Number 4 (Fall 2000)


Putting Feminism to a Vote: The Washington State Women's Council, 1963-78. Janine A. Perry

The Grand Old Man of Northwest Botany: Louis F. Henderson (1853-1942). Rhoda M. Love

Women of the Seattle Public Schools. Doris H. Pieroth

"The Government's Industry": Alaska Natives and Pribilof Sealing during World War II. Ryan Madden


Jean A. Murray, Music of the Alaska-Klondike Gold Rush: Songs and History, by Richard H. Engeman

Craig Wollner and W. Tracy Dillon, eds., A Richer Harvest: An Anthology of Work in the Pacific Northwest, by Deidre Raynor

Knud Rasmussen, Across Artic America: Narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition, by Matthew Redinger

Aldona Jonaitis, The Yuquot Whalers' Shrine, by James T. Carroll

Gene Clanton, Congressional Populism and the Crisis of the 1890s, by Merle Kunz

Clark C. Spence, For Wood River or Bust: Idaho's Silver Boom of the 1880s, by Ronald M. James

Links to History

Worth Rereading: Selections from Northwest Bookshelves, 1880-1940

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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