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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 91 Number 1 (Winter 1999/2000)


The Memoir of Eleanor Castellan: The Years in the Pacific Northwest, 1910-1919. Edited by James W. Castellan and Norman H. Clark

Nikkei Life in the Northwest: Photographic Impressions, 1912-1954. Louis Fiset

Women of the Seattle Public Schools. Doris H. Pieroth


Hal K. Rothman, Devil's Bargains: Tourism in the Twentieth-Century American West, by Beth Kraig

Neil J. Sterritt, Susan Marsden, Robert Galois, Peter R. Grant, and Richard Overstall, Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed, by Jay Miller

"Sunset Magazine": A Century of Western Living, 1898-1998; Historical Portraits and a Chronological Bibliography of Selected Topics, by Mary K. Hanneman

Jim McDowell, José Narváez: The Forgotten Explorer, Including His Narrative of a Voyage on the Northwest Coast in 1788, by F. Todd Smith

Brad Asher, Beyond the Reservation: Indians, Settlers, and the Law in Washington Territory, 1853-1889, by Alexandra Harmon

Mary Ellen Jones, Daily Life on the Nineteenth-Century American Frontier, by James E. Davis

Ruth Kirk, Sunrise to Paradise: The Story of Mount Rainier National Park, by A.D. Martinson

Clara Vyvyan, The Ladies, the Gwich'in, and the Rat: Travels on the Athabasca Mackenzie, Rat, Porcupine, and Yukon Rivers in 1926, ed. I. S. MacLaren and Lisa N. LaFramoise, by Barbara Kelcey

Malinda Jenkins, told to Jesse Lilienthal, Gambler's Wife: The Life of Malinda Jenkins, by Renée M. Sentilles

Mike Mackey, ed., Remembering Heart Mountain: Essays on Japanese American Internment in Wyoming, by Robert C. Sims

Worth Rereading: Selections from Northwest Bookshelves, 1880-1940

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Shirley Lewis

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