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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 89 Number 2 (Spring 1998)


The Alaska Commercial Company: The Formative Years. Molly Lee

The Love Israel Family: An Urban Commune Becomes a Rural Commune. Charles P. LeWarne

Business, Government, and Prostitution in Spokane, Washington, 1889-1910. Jef Rettmann

What's Old about the New Western History? Part 2: Environment and Economy. John R. Wunder

Robert E. Burke, 1922-1998. Carol Thomas and Richard R. Johnson

"These Are Chinese and Chinese": Regional Variations in Imagining the "Other," an Illustrated Essay and Review. Chris Friday


Emory Strong and Ruth Strong, Seeking Western Waters: The Lewis and Clark Trail from the Rockies to the Pacific, ed., Herbert K. Beals, by Patricia Y. Stallard

Native Cultures in Alaska, "Alaska Geographic," Vol. 23, by Andrew H. Fisher

Theodore Stern, Chiefs and Change in the Oregon Country: Indian Relations at Fort Nez Percés, 1818-1855, Vol. 2, by George Pierre Castile

John R. Howe, Bear Man of Admiralty Island: A Biography of Allen E. Hasselborg, by Michael K. Green

H. Brett Melendy, Walter Francis Dillingham, 1875-1963, Hawaiian Entrepreneur and Statesman, by James R. Kraft

Primary Sources, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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