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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 89 Number 1 (Winter 1997/1998)
Special Issue: McCarthyism in the Pacific Northwest



The Schuddakopf Case, 1954-1958: Tacoma Public Schools and Anticommunism. Ronald E. Magden

After Cool Deliberation: Reed College, Oregon Editors, and the Red Scare of 1954. Floyd J. McKay

The Seattle Time's Cold War Pulitzer Prize. Lorraine McConaghy


Malcolm J. Rohrbough, Days of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the American Nation; and Sally Zanjani, A Mine of Her Own: Women Prospectors in the American West, 1850-1950, by Liping Zhu

Terry L. Anderson, Sovereign Nations or Reservations? An Economic History of American Indians, by Bradley J. Birzer

Ann Fienup-Riordan, The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks: Agayuliyararput, Our Way of Making Prayer, by David H. Stephens

Mary P. Jackson, Suitable for the Wilds: Letters from Northern Alberta, 1929-1931, ed. Janice Dickin McGinnis, by Keith R. Benson

Donald J. Pisani, Water, Land, and Law in the West: The Limits of Public Policy, 1850-1920, by Hugh T. Lovin

Steven Ross Evans, Voice of the Old Wolf: Lucullus Virgil McWhorter and the Nez Perce Indians, by Bob Chenoweth

Richard W. Etulain, Re-imagining the Modern American West: A Century of Fiction, History, and Art, by Roscoe L. Buckland

O. Casey Corr, KING: The Bullitts of Seattle and Their Communications Empire, by Wilmott Ragsdale

Anchorage, "Alaska Geographic," Vol. 23, by Dorn Van Dommelen

Donald C. Jackson, Building the Ultimate Dam: John S. Eastwood and the Control of Water in the West, by Mark Fiege

Don Paulson, with Roger Simpson, An Evening at the Garden of Allah: A Gay Cabaret in Seattle, by Peter Boag

Michael P. Malone, James J. Hill: Empire Builder of the Northwest, by Burton W. Folsom, Jr.

David A. White, comp. and ed., News of the Plains and Rockies, 1803-1865: Original Narratives of Overland Travel and Adventure Selected from the Wagner-Camp and Becker Bibliography of Western Americana, Vol. 1, by Dwight L. Smith

Donna K. Kessler, The Making of Sacagawea: A Euro-American Legend, by Jan C. Dawson

Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown, John Slocum and the Indian Shaker Church, by Herbert T. Hoover

Michael L. Johnson, New Westers: The West in Contemporary American Culture, by William W. Savage, Jr.

Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes, So Incredibly Idaho! Seven Landscapes That Define the Gem State, by Todd Shallat

Jenel Virden, Good-bye, Piccadilly: British War Brides in America, by Patricia A. Schechter

Clyde A. Milner II, ed., A New Significance: Re-envisioning the History of the American West, by Gerald D. Nash

Douglas Heider and David Dietz, Legislative Perspectives: A 150-Year History of the Oregon Legislature from 1843 to 1993, by Lee Nash

Murray Morgan, Confederate Raider in the North Pacific: The Sage of the C.S.S. Shenandoah, 1864-65, by Patrick Diviney

Primary Sources, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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