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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 85 Number 3 (July 1994)


Gold Rushers North: A Census Study of the Yukon and Alaskan Gold Rushes, 1896-1900. James H. Drucker

"The Various Celestials among Our Town": Euro-American Response to Port Townsend's Chinese Colony. Daniel Liestman

Carl F. Gould: His Planning and Architecture at the University of Washington. T. William Booth and William H. Wilson


Jensen, Where the People Gather; and Stewart, Looking at Totem Poles, by Tom O'Neill

Dublin, ed., Immigrant Voices, by David Emmons

Petersen, Educating the American West, by Pierce C. Mullen

Edmondson, The Uses of Ecology, by Garrett Hardin

Schwantes, Railroad Signatures across the Pacific Northwest, by Carsten Lien

Riley, Divorce, by Karen J. Blair

Weber, The Spanish Frontier in North America, by María Montoya

Miller, Flooding the Courtrooms, by John Westenberg

Harrison, Washington State on the Air, by Arthur D. Martinson

Steltenkamp, Black Elk, by Herbert T. Hoover

Rajala, The Legacy and the Challenge, by Gordon Hak

Sims and Benedict, Idaho's Governors, by George W. Scott

Stromquist, A Generation of Boomers, by Carroll Van West

Wright, Wildlife Research and Management in the National Parks, by Keir B. Sterling

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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