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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 85 Number 2 (April 1994)


What's Old about the New Western History: Race and Gender, Part 1. John R. Wunder


Brink, A Chain of Hands, Buffalo Coat, Strangers in the Forest, and Snow in the River, by Beth Kraig

Johnson, Founding the Far West, by William Deverell

Blackford, The Lost Dream, by Michael Magliari

Gough, The Northwest Coast, by James P. Ronda

Hands, ed., Women and Authority, by Kathryn M. Daynes

Woods, Asia-Pacific Diplomacy, by Mary Hanneman

Critchfield, ed., Pacific Northwest, by Richard Morrill

Rydell, Safford, and Mullen, In the People's Interest, by Terrence Cole

Steen, ed., Origins of the National Forests, by Grant Sharpe and Wenonah Sharpe

Stacy, When the River Rises, by Merle Wells

Kirk, with Franklin, The Olympic Rain Forest, by Lisa Mighetto

Roscoe, From Humboldt to Kodiak, 1886-1895, d. Roscoe; and Madenwald, Arctic Schoolteacher, by Courtney Vaughn

Mangum and Blumell, The Mormon's War on Poverty, by James B. Allen

Willingham, Northwest Passages, by James W. Williams

Dickason, Canada's First Nations; and Bumsted, The Peoples of Canada, by Ramona Skinner

Divin, The Great Russian Navigator, A. I. Chirikov, trans. Fisher; and Innokentii, Journals of the Priest Ioann Veniaminov in Alaska, 1823-1836, trans. Kisslinger, by William Richardson

Wrobel, The End of American Exceptionalism, by Phil Roberts

Sager, Ships and Memories, by Jeffrey J. Safford

Stern, Chiefs and Chief Traders, Vol. 1, by George Pierre Castile

White and Cuthill, eds., Overland Passages, by Peter G. Boag

West, Capitalism on the Frontier, by W. Thomas White

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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