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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 84 Number 1 (January 1993)


Pierre Flavien Turgeon to Francis Norbet Blanchet: Correspondence of July 4, 1838, and April 12, 1844. Edited by Evelyn Kelley; translated by María Rabbert

Irrigation, Apples, and the Spokane Country. John Fahey

Frontier Enterprise versus the Modern Age: Fred Herrick and the closing of the Lumberman's Frontier. Thomas R. Cox


Tompkins, West of Everything, by Harold P. Simonson

Nash, Creating the West, by Martin Ridge

Fane, Jacknis, and Breen, Objects of Myth and Memory, by Joseph C. Porter

Berner, Seattle, 1900-1920, by E. Kimbark MacColl

Callaway, Montana Frontier Lawyer, ed. Paladin, by Gordon Morris Bakken

La Botz, Edward L. Doheny, by Paul S. Holbo

Bennion, Equal to the Occasion, by Roger Simpson

Jeffrey, Converting the West, by Genevieve McCoy

O'Donnell, An Arrow in the Earth, by Mary Ellen Rowe

Reid, ed., Always a River, by William L. Lang

Foster, Henry M. Porter, by Brad Luckingham

Kuropas, The Ukrainian Americans, by Patricia A. Krafcik

Stratton, ed., Spokane and the Inland Empire, by Paul C. Pitzer

Smith, The View from Officer's Row, by R. David Edmunds

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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