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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 83 Number 3 (July 1992)


Religion in Oregon: Recent Demographic Currents in the Mainstream. Mark A. Shibley

The Great Transcontinental Tour: Portland to Chicago by Car, 1924. Frederick Bracher

"Ambition Has Always Been My God": William Winlock Miller and opportunity in Washington Territory. William L. Lang


Martin, Railroads Triumphant, by John Fahey

Barman, The West beyond the West, by Carlos A. Schwantes

O'Brien and Fugita, The Japanese American Experience, by Roger Daniels

Rikoon and Austin, eds., Interpreting Local Culture and History, by William G. Robbins

Kendrick, trans., The Voyage of "Sutil" and "Mexicana," 1792, by Christon I. Archer

Dennett, Agitprop, by Robert D. Saltvig

Hyde, The Milwaukee Road, by Alfred Runte

Fisher, Duff Pattullo of British Columbia, by Elizabeth Mancke

MacDonald, Ranald MacDonald, ed. Lewis and Murakami, by Stephen W. Kohl

Peterson, Bonanza Rich, by Anne F. Hyde

McDonnell, The Dispossession of the American Indian, 1887-1934, by Tanis C. Thorne

Stratton, Medicine Man, ed. Stratton; Rockafeller and Haviland, eds., Saddlebags to Scanners, by Hamilton Cravens

Ronda, Astoria and Empire, by Kent D. Richards

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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