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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 83 Number 1 (January 1992)


Yakutat Bound: A Prospector's Letter and Photographs. William Alley

Idaho's White Elephant: The King Hill Tracts and the United States Reclamation Service. Hugh T. Lovin

Sacagawea: Pilot or Pioneer Mother? Jan C. Dawson


Moynihan, Armitage and Dichamp, eds., So Much to be Done, by Michael Allen

Sanger, Hanford and the Bomb, by J. William T. Youngs

Aho, The Politics of Righteousness, by Leo P. Ribuffo

Clanton, Populism, by Karel D. Bicha

Fox, Jared Fox's Memmorandom, ed. Calvert, by Peter G. Boag

Wilfong, Following the Nez Perce Trail, by William R. Swagerty

Madsen, Glory Hunter, by Durwood Ball

Harte, Bret Hart's California, ed. Scharnhorst, by Judith Raftery

Kynell, A Different Frontier, by Gordon Morris Bakken

Suttles, ed., Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 7: Northwest Coast, by George Harwood Phillips

Allen, Western Rivermen, 1763-1861, by Kenneth H. Winn

Ruggles, A Country So Interesting, by Francis Paul Prucha

Attebery, Building Idaho, by Norman J. Johnston

Coates, The Trans-Alaska Pipeline Controversy, by William H. Wilson

Hammer, This Emigrating Company, ed. Rumer; and Rumer, The Wagon Trains of '44, by Merle Wells

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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