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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 82 Number 4 (October 1991)


Power Plays: The Enigma of Little Falls. John Fahey

Design for a Lumber Town by Bebb and Gould, Architects: A World War I Project in Washington's Wilderness. T. William Booth

Ernest Gruening and Alaska Native Claims. Claus-M. Naske


Edwards, Sowing Good Seeds, by Robert Middlekauff

Leier, Where the Fraser River Flows, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Pierce, Russian Americans, by Stephen Haycox

Gidley and Lawson-Peebles, eds., Views of American Landscapes, by William H. Goetzmann

Evans, Powerful Rockey, by Paul C. Pitzer

Barth, Fleeting Moments, by Roderick Frazier Nash

Kirk and Alexander, Exploring Washington's Past, by Kent D. Richards

Fife, Exploring Western Americana, ed. Fife, by Dwight L. Smith

Weeks, Farewell, My Nation, by Richard White

Dilsaver and Tweed, Challenge of the Big Trees, by Ronald H. Limbaugh

Moulton, ed., The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by William L. Lang

Furman, Sandia National Laboratories, by Bruce Hevly

Soden, A Venture of Mind and Spirit, by G. Thomas Edwards

Hunt, Front-Page Detective, by Joseph R. Conlin

Mayse, Ginger, by Allen Seager

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Gayle Palmer

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