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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 82 Number 2 (April 1991)


Ernest Walker Sawyer and Alaska: The Dilemma of Northern Economic Development. Terrence M. Cole

Professional Surveyor, Amateur Photographer: John F. Pratt on the Chilkat River, 1894. Jane Sinclair and Richard H. Engeman

Closing the Frontier in Washington: Edmonds S. Meany and Frederick Jackson Turner. John M. Findlay

Nancy Pryor: An Appreciation. Richard Berg


Peavy and Smith, The Gold Rush Widows of Little Falls, by Elliott West

Runte, Yosemite, Richard A. Bartlett

Murray, ed., A Republic of Rivers, by Lisa Mighetto

Hitchman, A Maritime History of the Pacific Coast, 1540-1980, by Briton C. Busch

Slatta, Cowboys of the Americas, by Michael Allen

Best, A Celebration of Work, ed. Robbins; and Allison, Jacobs, and Porter, Winds of Change, by Jonathan Dembo

Hill, In the Shadow of the Mountain, by Otis A. Pease

Bevis, Ten Tough Trips, by Harold P. Simonson

Wilson, Late Frontier, by John Fahey

Frykman, Creating the People's University, by David Madsen

Spence, The Conrey Placer Mining Company, by James D. Norris

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Jeanne Engerman

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