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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 81 Number 4 (October 1990)


The Indian Connection: Judge James Wickersham and the Indian Shakers. George Pierre Castile

A. B. Chamberlin: The Illustration of Seattle Architecture, 1890-1896. Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

Eamon de Valera and the Northwest: Irish Nationalism Confronts the Red Scare. Timothy J. Sarbaugh


Cox, The Park Builders, by Alfred Runte

Snyder, We Claimed This Land, by E. Kimbark MacColl

Gaskin, prod., James and Weller, dirs., One of Ours, video, by Richard S. Kirkendall

Zaslow, For Purposes of Dominion, ed. Coates and Morrison, by J. M. Bumsted

Oswalt, Bashful No Longer, by Dorothy Jean Ray

Blank, Individualism in Idaho, by Ronald H. Limbaugh

Hail and Duncan, Out of the North, by Victoria Wyatt

Margulies, The Mild Reservationists and the League of Nations Controversy in the Senate, by Lloyd E. Ambrosius

Trachtenberg, Reading American Photographs, by Carlos A. Schwantes

White and Solberg, eds., Peoples of Washington, by Terry A. Cooney

West, Growing Up with the Country, by Judith Raftery

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Jeanne Engerman

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