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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 81 Number 1 (January 1990)


The Reverend William Ellery Copeland: A Christian Socialist in the Northwest. Charles P. LeWarne

Park J. Jewell: Letters from the Yukon, 1894-1897. Edited by Patricia Gaster

"The Chinese Must Go": The United States Army and the Anti-Chinese Riots in Washington Territory, 1885-1886. Clayton D. Laurie


Bockstoce, ed., The Journal of Rochfort Maguire, 1852-1854, by L. H. Neatby

Committee on History of Law in California, California Legal History Manuscripts in the

Huntington Library, by Thomas D. Morris

Schlissel, Gibbens, and Hampsten, eds., Far from Home, by G. Thomas Edwards

Fienup-Riordan, ed., The Yup'ik Eskimos, by Terrence Cole

Neal, ed., They Never Go Back to Pocatello, by Roger Simpson

Webb, On the Northwest, by Barbara Leibhardt

Schlicke, General George Wright, by Paul Andrew Hutton

Hurley, Marion Post Wolcott, by Shelley Armitage

Malone and Etulain, The American West, by John M. Findlay

Roy, A White Man's Province, by Gunther Barth

Hayman, ed., Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition, by Robin Fisher

O'Brien, American Indian Tribal Governments, by Francis Paul Prucha

Neering, Continental Dash, by Claus-M. Naske

Bradley, Robert Alexander Long, by Henry C. Dethloff

Kreyche, Visions of the American West, by Robert V. Hine

Emmons, The Butte Irish, by R. A. Burchell

Beck and Haase, Historical Atlas of the American West, by Clark C. Spence

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Jeanne Engerman

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