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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 79 Number 2 (April 1988)


The Atmosphere Tasted Like Turnips: The Pacific Northwest Dust Storm of 1931. Paul C. Pitzer

Taxing the Few: The First Federal Income Tax in Washington Territory. Phil Roberts

Pioneer President: Alexander Jay Anderson and the Formative Years of the University of Washington and Whitman College. G. Thomas Edwards


Willingham, Water Power in the "Wilderness," by William H. Wilson

Fahey, The Inland Empire, by David H. Stratton

Petersen, Company Town, by Ralph Mann

Danbom, "The World of Hope," by LeRoy Ashby

Guarneri and Alvarez, eds., Religion and Society in the American West, by Eckard V. Toy, Jr.

Chan, This Bittersweet Soil, by Judith R. Raftery

Mather and Boswell, Hanging the Sheriff, by Michael P. Malone

Minter, The White Pass, by Claus-M. Naske

Marr, Portrait in Time, by Richard H. Engeman

Opie, The Law of the Land, by Vernon Carstensen

Gay, American Fur Seal Diplomacy, by Paul S. Holbo

McClelland, Wobbly War, by Joseph R. Conlin

Quinn, Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, Jan C. Dawson

Lewty, To the Columbia Gateway, by John Fahey

Ficken, The Forested Land, Roy Hoover

Maben, Vanport, by Jane Sanders

Davis, ed., Owen Wister's West, by Harold P. Simonson

Dauenhauer and Dauenhauer, eds., Haa Shuk√°, Our Ancestors, by William R. Seaburg

Jackson, Among the Sleeping Giants, by Jerome O. Steffen

D'Anglade, A Tree in Bud, trans. Korn, by H. Brett Melendy

Bottles, Los Angeles and the Automobile, by John M. Findlay

Moulton, ed., The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Vols. 2-4, by William L. Lang

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Jeanne Engerman

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