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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 78 Numbers 1-2 (January-April 1987)


The Case of Vuco Perovich. Claus-M. Naske

Big-Hitch Wheat Farming in Eastern Washington: A Personal Account. Edward C. Whitley

Frank Church Goes to the Senate: The Idaho Election of 1956. LeRoy Ashby

A Woman Acting Alone: Louise Olivereau and the First World War. Sarah E. Sharbach

Red Encounters. John R. Salter, Jr.

Alaskan Indian Wage Earners in the 19th Century: Economic Choices and Ethnic Identity on Southeast Alaska's Frontier. Victoria Wyatt

The Mormon Invasion and Settlement of the Upper Snake River Plain in the 1880s: The Case of Lewisville, Idaho. Ronald R. Boyce


Bechkam, Land of the Umpqua, by William G. Robbins

Yung, Chinese Women of America, by Laverne Mau Dicker

Edwards and Schwantes, eds., Experiences in a Promised Land, by Gordon B. Dodds

Cox, Maxwell, Thomas, and Malone, This Well-Wooded Land, by Robert E. Ficken

Schwantes, Coxey's Army, by Ben Procter

Kaufman, ed., The Samuel Gompers Papers, Vol. 1, by Jonathan Dembo

Adler and Kamins, The Fantastic Life of Walter Murray Gibson, by H. Brett Melendy

Bailey and Bailey, A History of the Navajos, by Richard Lowitt

Owens, ed., The Wreck of the Sv. "Nikolai," by Richard A. Pierce

Jonaitis, Art of the Northern Tlingit, by Wayne Suttles

Sanders, Into the Second Century, by Brewster C. Denny

Daniels, Taylor, and Kitano, eds., Japanese Americans, from Relocation to Redress, by Frank Miyamoto

Whitman, The Letters of Narcissa Whitman, by G. Thomas Edwards

Gibson, Farming the Frontier, by Kent D. Richards

Adelman, A Sporting Time, by Fred W. Viehe

Shideler, Coal Towns in the Cascades, by George A. Frykman

Kirk, Tradition and Change on the Northwest Coast, by Nile Thompson

Beals, trans., For Honor and Country, by W. N. Davis

Reese, Power and Promise of School Reform, by Bryce Nelson

Hofsommer, The Southern Pacific, 1901-1985; and Itzkoff, Off the Track, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Primary Sources Data Sheet, edited by Richard H. Engeman

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Jeanne Engerman

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