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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 77 Number 3 (July 1986)


The Young Naturalist's Society: From Chess to Natural History Collections. Keith R. Benson

Main Street on the Irrigation Frontier: Sub-Urban Community Building in the Yakima Valley, 1900-1910. W. Thomas White

"In Gauze We Trust": Public Health and Spanish Influenza on the Home Front, Seattle, 1918-1919. Nancy Rockafellar


Albright with Cahn, The Birth of the National Park Service, by Richard A. Bartlett

Thompson with Seager, Canada, 1922-1939, by Robert A. Campbell

Clark, Redmond, by William G. Loy

Findlay, People of Chance, by Jerome E. Edwards

Spritzer, Senator James E. Murray and the Limits of Post-War Liberalism, by Jeffrey J. Safford

Peterson and Brown, eds., The New Peoples, by T. D. Regehr

Meyer, ed., Honoré-Timothée Lempfrit, O.M.I., by Carol Burroughs

Prouty, More Deadly Than War! by William G. Robbins

Merritt, Baronets and Buffalo, by Vernon Carstensen

Murray, Centennial Churches of Washington's "Fourth Corner," by Robert H. Keller

Embry and Christy, eds., Community Development in the American West, by Carol A. O' Connor

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Jeanne Engerman

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