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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 76 Number 1 (January 1985)


Farmer-Labor Insurgency in Washington State: William Bouck, the Grange, and the Western Progressive Farmers. Carlos A. Schwantes

Greater Portland: Experiments with Professional Planning, 1905-1925. Carl Abbott

Austin E. Griffiths: Seattle Progressive Reformer. Charles Byler


Malone, ed., Historians and the American West, by Edwin R. Bingham

Karl Bodmer's America, by Lee C. Mitchell

Breen, The Canadian Prairie West and the Ranching Frontier, by G. Terry Sharrer

Twohy, Ten Spikes to the Rail, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Wright and Wright, Danish Emigrant Ballads and Songs, by Thorvald Hansen

Casagrande and Bourns, Side Trips, by William L. Lang

Twight, Organizational Values and Political Power, by Jonathan Dembo

Willingham, Army Engineers and the Development of Oregon, by William G. Robbins

Mitchell, W. A. C. Bennett and the Rise of British Columbia, by Robert Campbell

Clanin, ed., and Ball, annot., California Gold Rush, by Rudolph M. Lapp

Clark, Oregon Style, by Gordon B. Dodds

Reuter, Trials and Triumphs; Wills, Cincinnatus, by Richard R. Johnson

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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