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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 75 Number 4 (October 1984)


Timber Town: Market Economies in Coos Bay, Oregon, 1850 to the Present. William G. Robbins

"Races of a Questionable Ethnical Type": Origins of the Jurisdiction of the U.S. Bureau of Education in Alaska, 1867-1885. Stephen Haycox

Edward S. Curtis Goes to the Mountain. Mick Gidley

How Seattle Lost the Bogue Plan: Politics versus Design. William H. Wilson


Krauss, comp. and ed., In Honor of Eyak, by William R. Seaburg

Steen, ed., History of Sustained-Yield Forestry, by Vernon Carstensen

Moynihan, Rebel for Rights, by T. A. Larson

Kelly, The Assault on Assimilation, by Richard H. Frost

Foner, Nothing but Freedom, by Richard L. Hume

Nolan, Northern Pacific Views, by W. Thomas White

Hutton, A Promise of Good Things, by Dale Soden

Angell and Balcomb, Marine Birds and Mammals of Puget Sound, by Fayette F. Krause

Foster, ed., The Developing West, by Carl E. Solberg

Richardson, David T. Mason, Forestry Advocate, by Charles E. Twining

Lender and Martin, Drinking in America, by Robert A. Campbell

Barratt, Russian Shadows on the British Northwest Coast of North America, 1810-1890, by Dwight L. Smith

Frederick and Engerman, Asahel Curtis; Bohn and Petschek, Kinsey Photographer, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Smith, ed., A Taste of the West, by Kent D. Richards

Moulton, Atlas of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by William L. Lang

Takaki, Pau Hana, by Robert E. Ficken

Schrader, The Indian Arts and Crafts Board, by Lawrence C. Kelly

Kaufman, Women Teachers on the Frontier, by Sandra L. Myers

Holm, Smoky-Top, by Ira Jacknis

Stenger and Etulain, Conversations with Wallace Stenger on Western History and Literature, by Necah S. Furman

Schrepfer, The Fight to Save the Redwoods, by H. D. Hampton

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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