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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 75 Number 2 (April 1984)


The Olmsted Brothers and the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition: "Eternal Loveliness." Norman J. Johnson

Hydropower in Juneau: Technology as a Guide to the Development of an Alaskan Community. John S. Whitehead

John Booth Good in British Columbia: The Trials and Tribulations of the Church, 1861-99. F. A. Peake


Southeastern Lincoln County Historical Society, Sprague, Lamont, Edwall, Washington, by John Fahey

Foner and Miller, eds., Kate Richards O'Hare, by Nick Salvatore

Schoenberg, Paths to the Northwest, by David Buerge

Walker, An Account of a Voyage to the North West Coast of America in 1785 and 1786, ed. Fisher and Bumsted, ed. by Carl E. Solberg

Bogue, The Earnest Men, by G. Thomas Edwards

Holmes, ed. and comp., Covered Wagon Women, Vol. 1, by Sandra L. Myers

Salmond, A Southern Rebel, by Richard A. Reiman

MacKay, Empire of Wood, by Andrew M. Prouty

Lynn, The Air-Line to Seattle, by Lewis O. Saum

Levi, Committee of Vigilance, by Richard H. Frost

Seip, The South Returns to Congress, by Thomas J. Pressly

Clements, William Jennings Bryan, Missionary Isolationist, by Lawrence E. Gelfand

Kowrach, ed., Ten Years on the Pacific Coast by F. X. Blanchet, and Jacksonville, by Robert C. Carriker

Granatstein, Abella, Bercuson, Brown, and Neatby, Twentieth Century Canada, by Robert A. Campbell

Dunlay, Wolves for the Blue Soldiers, by Robert E. Ficken

McGregor, Counting Sheep, by G. Terry Sharrer

Peterson, This Land of Gold and Toil, by David H. Stratton

Rader, American Sports, by Thomas L. Karnes

Golovin, Civil and Savage Encounters, trans. Dmytryshyn and Crownhart-Vaughan, by Richard A. Pierce

Bish, Governing Puget Sound, by Morton Kroll

Weisbrot, Father Divine and the Struggle for Racial Equality, by Charles P. LeWarne

Karamanski, Fur Trade and Exploration, by John S. Galbraith

Oliver, Homes in the Oregon Forest, by David A. Johnson

Myres, Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, 1800-1915, by Ingrid Winther Scobie

Ramsey, Reading the Fire, by Dell Skeels

Kilian, The Voyage of the Schooner "Polar Bear," ed. Bockstoce, by Ted C. Hinckley

Taylor, Builders of British Columbia, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Rossi, Six Years on the West Coast of America, 1856-1862, trans. and ed. Wortley, by Joseph Butwin

Dunbar, Forging New Rights in Western Waters, by William G. Robbins

Carpenter, The Eloquence of Frederick Jackson Turner, by Barnet Baskerville

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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