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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 75 Number 1 (January 1984)


Vendovi Island: Father Divine's "Peaceful Paradise of the Pacific. Charles P. LeWarne

Railroad Labor Protests, 1894-1917: From Community to Class in the Pacific Northwest. W. Thomas White

Paris or New York? The Shaping of Downtown Seattle, 1903-14. J. M. Neil

Beating a Depression: The Portland Home Loan Bank. John Fahey


Bryan, British Columbia, by M. Ehrlich

Palmer and Butler, Brigham Young, by S. George Ellsworth

Toll, The Making of an Ethnic Middle Class, by Howard A. Droker

Lipow, Authoritarian Socialism in America, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Limbaugh, Rocky Mountain Carpetbaggers, by John R. Wunder

Burt, Tribalism in Crisis, by Russel Lawrence Barsh

Hinckley, Alaskan John G. Brady, by Mary Childers Mangusso

Rosenberg, The Code of the West, by Lewis O. Saum

Griswold, Family and Divorce is California, 1850-1890, by Andrew Rolle

Davis, Alaska Science Nuggets, by Claus-M. Naske

Chan, Gold Mountain, by Patricia E. Roy

Erisman and Etulain, eds., Fifty Western Writers, Etulain, A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Western American Literature, by Harold P. Simonson

Morgan, The Mill on the Boot, by William G. Robbins

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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