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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 74 Number 2 (April 1983)


Mark Allison Matthews: Seattle's Minister Rediscovered. Dale Soden

"Some Volcanoes, Volcanic Eruptions, and Earthquakes in the Former Russian America": Peter Doroshin's Account of Volcanic Activity and Earthquakes between 1840 and 1866. Translated and edited by Jerome B. Kisslinger

A Prism of Carved Rock: Dalles Area Rock Art as an Insight into Native American Cultures. Simeon Dreyfuss

One Path to Populism: Will Kennedy and the People's Party of Montana. William L. Lang

Imogen Cunningham in Utopia. Charles P. LeWarne


Craig and King, eds., Historical Dictionary of Oceania, by Ted C. Hinckley

Wagner and Camp, The Plains and the Rockies, ed. Becker, by Harry M. Majors

Clifford, Rails North, by Charles M. Brown

Reingold and Reingold, eds., Science in America, by Clayton R. Koppes

Richardson, BLM's Billion-Dollar Checkerboard, by Alfred Runte

Sherwood, Big Game in Alaska, by Claus-M. Naske

Lawson, Dammed Indians, by Richard Lowitt

Dowd, Custer Lives! by Brian W. Dippie

McMicking, Overland from Canada to British Columbia, ed., Leduc, by Carl E. Solberg

Abbott, The Great Extravaganza, by G. Thomas Edwards

Halaas, Boom Town Newspapers, by Lewis O. Saum

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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