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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 74 Number 1 (January 1983)


The Concessionaires of Yellowstone National Park: Genesis of a Policy, 1882-1892. Richard A. Bartlett

The Charles Niederhauser Case: Patriotism in the Seattle Schools, 1919. Keith A. Murray

Clark Kinsey: Logging Photography, 1914-1945. Dennis A. Anderson

Laura Hall Peters: Perusing the Myth of Equality. Barbara Cloud

Robert L. Whitner, 1917-1982. Vernon Carstensen


Van Syckle, The River Pioneers, ed. James, by Egbert S. Oliver

Engstrand, Spanish Scientists in the New World, by Murray Morgan

Randolph, Beef, Leather and Grass, by T. A. Larson

Woolf, Theodore Winthrop, by Harold P. Simonson

Long, The Saints and the Union, by G. Thomas Edwards

Mitchell, Edmund Ruffin, by Michael Fellman

Chasan, The Water Link, by Robert E. Ficken

Goldberg, Hooded Empire, by Eckard V. Toy, Jr.

Osborne, "Empire Can Wait," by Char Miller

Whitehead, The Cariboo Mission, by Verne F. Ray

Anderson, Wartime Women, by Karen J. Blair

Kraditor, The Radical Persuasion, 1890-1917, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Prater, Snoqualmie Pass, by James G. Newbill and William Scofield

Uyeda, A Final Report and Review; Miyamoto, Social Solidarity Among the Japanese in Seattle, by Roger Daniels

Berwanger, The West and Reconstruction, by Rudolph M. Lapp

Gidley, Kopet, by Jay Miller

Fisher, The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648, by Richard A. Pierce

Vaughan, ed., High and Mighty, by Jesse L. Gilmore

Rea, comp. and ed., The Inland Empire in the Pacific Northwest, by Kent D. Richards

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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