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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 73 Number 3 (July 1982)


Coxey's Montana Navy: A Protest Against Unemployment on the Wageworkers' Frontier. Carlos A. Schwantes

Five Idaho Mining Towns: A Computer Profile. Elliott West

Billington's Frontier and the Realm of Ideas. Lewis O. Saum

Detaining the Insane: Detention Hospitals, Mental Health, and Frontier Politics in Alaska, 1910-1915. Thomas G. Smith


Alexander, Here the Country Lies, by Robert Allen Skotheim

Cole, E. T. Barnette, by William H. Wilson

Barratt, Russia in Pacific Waters, 1715-1825, by Tanya DeMarsh

Van Kirk, "Many Tender Ties," by Carl E. Solberg

Seufert, Wheels of Fortune, ed. Vaughan, by Jesse L. Gilmore

Stewart, Wild Teas, Coffees, and Cordials, by Irmgard Elsner Hunt

Chrislock, Ethnicity Challenged, by Frederick C. Luebke

Gay, With the Nez Perces, ed. Hoxie and Mark, by John Fahey

Clokey, William H. Ashley, by James D. Norris

Hart, ed., The Future of Agriculture in the Rocky Mountains, by Donald J. Pisani

Jorgensen, Western Indians, by Eric Alden Smith and John R. Atkins

Ward and McDonald, comps. and eds., British Columbia, by Robert Campbell

Allen, Pointdexter of Washington, by George A. Frykman

Hayes, ed., Log of the Union, by John Frazier Henry

Carlson, Indians, Bureaucrats, and Land, by Margaret Connell Szasz

Nicandri and Valley, Olympia Wins; James, From Grand Mound to Scatter Creek, by Norman J. Johnston

Waldron and Wilson, Atlas of Montana Elections, 1889-1976; Waldron, Montana Legislators, 1864-1979, by Richard B. Roeder

Stein, Ryan, and Beach, Portland, by Gordon B. Dodds

Sax, Mountains Without Handrails; Catton, Overshoot, by Alfred Runte

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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