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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 73 Number 1 (January 1982)


A Capitol in Search of an Architect. Norman J. Johnston

The Nome Gold Conspiracy. Andrea R. C. Helms and Mary Childres Mangusso

Strangers in a Strange Land: Japanese Castaways and the Opening of Japan. Stephen W. Kohl

Mornings on Horseback: A Review. Lewis L. Gould

Industry on the Farm: McGregor Land and Livestock and the Transformation of the Columbia Plateau Wheat Belt Since 1930. Alexander C. McGregor


Smith, Russian Orthodoxy in Alaska, by Stephen Watrous

Myres, Ho for California! by Lewis O. Saum

Schwantes, Radical Heritage, by Murray Morgan

Rosenbaum, Architects of Reform, by Jonathan D. Sarna

People of 'Ksan, Gathering What the Great Nature Provided¸ by Eugene Hunn

Bruns, Knights of the Road, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Reid, Law for the Elephant, by Thomas D. Morris

MacColl, The Growth of a City, by Robert E. Burton

Gough, Distant Dominion, by Carl E. Solberg

Dicken and Dicken, The Making of Oregon, by W. Edwin Derrick

Gould, The Presidency of William McKinley, by James G. Smart

Richardson, The Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, by Gerald E. Wheeler

Glick, Sojourners and Settlers, by Roger Daniels

Maud, ed., The Salish People, by Pamela T. Amoss

Woodbridge and Montgomery, A Guide to Architecture in Washington State, by J. Meredith Neil

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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