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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 72 Number 4 (October 1981)


Sailing with the Ruler of the Arctic Sea. Jane Apostol

Perceptions and Misperceptions: A European Cleric's View of the American Indian. W. Victor Wortley

The First Tacoma Narrows Bridge: A Brief History of Galloping Gertie. Albert F. Gunns

A. L. White, Champion of Urban Beauty. John Fahey


Holm and Quimby, Edward S. Curtis in the Land of the War Canoes, by Douglas Cole

White, Land Use, Environment, and Social Change, by Thomas R. Cox

Morton, ed., God's Galloping Girl, by M. A. Peterman

Naske and Slotnick, Alaska, by George Sundborg

Wood, San Juan Island, by John Frazier Henry

Drury, Chief Lawyer of the Nez Perce Indians, 1796-1876, by Robert L. Whitner

Hinding and Moody, eds., Women's History Sources, by Karen J. Blair

Dyer, Theodore Roosevelt and the Idea of Race, by Roger Daniels

Cardoso, Mexican Emigration to the United States, 1897-1931, by Richard W. Slatta

Taylor, The New Deal and American Indian Tribalism, by Richard Lowitt

Cochran, Exploring Spokane's Past; Ryker, With History Around Me, by David H. Stratton

Hines, Denny's Knoll, by C. G. Thomas

Billington and Camarillo, The American Southwest—Image and Reality, by Carlos B. Gil

Steffen, Comparative Frontiers, by Homer E. Socolofsky

Runte, National Parks, by David M. Emmons

Howe, Ancient Modocs of California and Oregon, by Pamela T. Amoss

Toll, The Resurgence of Race, by Herbert Shapiro

Kyvig, Repealing National Prohibition, by Robert E. Ficken

Dmyryshyn and Crownhart-Vaughan, trans., The End of Russian America, by Mary Childers Mangusso

Wirth, Parks, Politics, and the People, by Alfred Runte

May, Social Engineering in the Philippines, by David R. Sturtevant

Bellwood, Man's Conquest of the Pacific, by James B. Watson

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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