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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 72 Number 3 (July 1981)


Christianity, a Matter of Choice: The Historic Role of Indian Catechists in Oregon Territory and British Columbia. Margaret Whitehead

The Old Northwest Bicentennial Histories: An Essay Review. Walker D. Wyman, Sr.

Cuts: A Film Review. Alfred Runte

Irrigation in Eastern Washington, 1906-1911: The Promotional Photographs of Asahel Curtis. G. Thomas Edwards

Mexican Migration into Washington State: A History, 1940-1950. Erasmo Gamboa

The Mount Saint Helens Eruptions: An Evaluation of Popular and Scholarly Literature. Glenda J. Pearson

Robert Bruce Hitchman, 1909-1981, and A Last Sighting from the Crow's Nest. Robert D. Monroe


Perry, Childhood, Marriage, and Reform, by Richard M. Rollins

McDonald, Fur Trade Letters of Francis Ermatinger, by John S. Galbraith

Fahey, The Days of the Hercules, by Merle Wells

Nelson, Seattle, by Jack Longmate

Scocolofsky, Landlord William Scully, by Philip M. Raup

Bullough, The Blind Boss and His City, by Robert E. Ficken

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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