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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 72 Number 2 (April 1981)


Raymond Robins in Alaska: The Conversion of a Progressive. Terrence Cole

Edwin Eells, U.S.  Indian Agent, 1871-1895. George P. Castile

Ascot in Old Oregon, 1846. Thomas B. Roulstone

Writings about Abraham Lincoln in the 1970s: A Review Article. Thomas J. Pressly

The Pend Oreille Routes to Montana, 1866-1870. Bette E. Meyer


Naske, Edward Lewis Bob Bartlett of Alaska, by Ted C. Hinckley

Smith, Salmon Fishers of the Columbia, by Barbara Lane

Gidley, With One Sky Above Us, by Wilbur R. Jacobs

Prucha, The Churches and the Indian Schools, 1888-1912, by Russell M. Magnaghi

Keeble, Yellowfish, by Harold P. Simonson

Lemire, Creative Land Development, by Richard K. Untermann

Vaughn, Holding Fast the Inner Lines, by David A. Shannon

Juster, So Sweet to Labor, by Karen J. Blair

Porter, The Seventy-sixth Congress and World War II, 1939-1940, by Eugene P. Trani

Simon, ed., The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Vols. 7 and 8, by Robert W. Johannsen

Gutfeld, Montana's Agony, by Clark C. Spence

Gossett, Beyond the Bendi, by James G. Newbill and William Scofield

Richards, Isaac I. Stevens, by Harwood P. Hinton

Kahn, Imperial San Francisco, by Norman J. Johnston

Ficken, Lumber and Politics, by Lawrence Rakestraw

Levinson, The Jews in the California Gold Rush; Rischin, ed., The Jews of the West, by F. L. Cohn

Hoobler and Hoobler, Photographing the Frontier, by Harriet Bloom-Wilson

Pierce and Winslow, eds., H.M.S. "Sulphur" on the Northwest and California Coasts, 1837- and 1839; Pierce and Donnelly, eds., A History of the Russian American Company, Vol. 2, trans. Krenov, by William R. Hunt

Doenecke, Not to the Swift, by Lawrence E. Gelfand

Samuels and Samuels, eds., The Collected Writings of Frederic Remington, by Ben Procter

Cole, Exile in the Wilderness, by Barry M. Gough

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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