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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 72 Number 1 (January 1981)


When the Dutch Owned Spokane. John Fahey

Self-Help in Seattle, 1931-1932: Herbert Hoover's Concept of Cooperative Individualism and the Unemployed Citizens' League. William H. Mullins

V. L. Parrington's Oklahoma Years, 1897-1908: "Few High Lights and Much Monotone"?  Lark Hall

The Milwaukee Road's Pacific Extension, 1909-1929: The Photographs of Asahel Curtis. Carlos A. Schwantes


Moogk, assisted by Stevenson, Vancouver Defended, by David M. Hansen

Blanchet, Journal of a Catholic Bishop on the Oregon Trail, and Brouillet, Blackrobe Buries Whitmans, ed. Kowrach, by Robert Hitchman

Heuterman, Movable Type, by William H. Lyon

Kvasnicka and Viola, eds., The Commissioners of Indian Affairs, 1824-1977, by Robert C. Carriker

Ames and Simpson, Unionism or Hearst; Schwartz, The March Inland, by Jonathan Dembo

Applegate, Trolleys and Streetcars on American Picture Postcards, by Frank F. Conlon

Fisher and Johnston, eds., Captain James Cook and His Times, by John Haskell Kemble

Friedrich, Clover, by Robert A. Skotheim

Doig, Winter Brothers, by Norman Clark

Highsmith and Kimerling, eds., Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, by George A. Frykman

Ljungmark, Swedish Exodus, trans. Westerberg, by Andrew Hilen

Segger, Victoria, by Edward M. W. Gibson

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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