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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 71 Number 4 (October 1980)


Pacific Northwest Literature—Its Coming of Age. Harold P. Simonson

Mental Health Policy in Washington Territory, 1853-1875. Russell Hollander

The Brown Farm on the Nisqually Delta, 1904-1919: A Photographic Essay. Mark Nielsen

John Danz and the Seattle Amusement Trades Strike, 1921-1935. Jonathan Dembo

Herman J. Deutsch, 1897-1979. David H. Stratton


Rorabaugh, The Alcoholic Republic, by Douglas T. Miller

Haugen and Haugen, eds. and trans., Land of the Free, by George A. Frykman

Tyrrell, Sobering Up; Blocker, ed., Alcohol, Reform and Society, by W. J. Rorabaugh

Danbom, The Resisted Revolution, by Don S. Kirschner

Pierce, ed., Bearne, trans., The Russian Orthodox Religious Mission in America 1794-1837, by Ted C. Hinckley

Tuberville, The Electric Railway Era in Northwestern Washington, 1890-1930, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Conn, Native American Art in the Denver Art Museum, by Michael R. Johnson

Wunder, Inferior Courts, Superior Justice, by Merle Wells

Grant, Insurance Reform, by Gerald D. Nash

Jackson, ed., Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition with Related Documents, 1783-1854; Chuinard, Only One Man Died, by Robert K. Whitner

Oliver, The Shaping of a Family, a Memoir, by E. H. Eby

Morgan, Puget's Sound, by Norman Clark

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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