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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 71 Number 2 (April 1980)


Bloody Sunday Revisited. William J. Williams

The Initiation of the McNary-Haugen Movement in Montana and the Pacific Northwest. Rita McDonald and Robert G. Dunbar

Pedro de Alberni and the Spanish Claim to Nootka: The Catalonian Volunteers on the Northwest Coast. Joseph P. Sánchez

Mary Desha, Alaskan Schoolteacher of 1888. James C. and Freda Campbell Klotter


Green, Grass-Roots Socialism, by Charles P. LeWarne

Lowitt, George W. Norris, by James C. Olson

Atwood, Frontier Politics, by Mary Childers Mangusso

Majors, ed., Mount Baker, by Lewis O. Saum

Bercuson, ed., Alberta's Coal Industry, 1919, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Bowsfield, ed., The Letters of Charles John Brydges, 1879-1882, by John S. Galbraith

Libbey, Alexander Gumberg and Soviet-American Relations. 1817-1933, by Eugene P. Trani

Cunningham, The Process of Government under Jefferson, by James Roger Sharp

Scott, ed., Pacific Northwest Themes, by Kent D. Richards

Maddow, A Sunday Between Wars, by Fr. Andrew M. Prouty

Wheeler, The Alaskans, by Claus-M. Naske

Modell, The Economics and Politics of Racial Accommodation, by Tetsuden Kashima

Melendy, Asians in America, by Albert Acena

Gibbs, Oregon's Salty Coast, by Craig Wollner

Reed, Tommy Brayshaw, by E. H. Eby

Sanders, Cold War on Campus, by Vernon Carstensen

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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