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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 71 Number 1 (January 1980)


William Lightfoot Visscher and the "Eden of the West." Lewis O. Saum

Danish Immigrant Disillusionment in the Pacific Northwest. Frederick Hale

Carl August Darmer: Architect for the City of Destiny. Dennis A. Andersen

Bob Bartlett and the Alaska Mental Health Act. Claus-M. Naske


Lance, An Archives Approach to Oral History, by Willa K. Baum

Bingham and Love, eds., Northwest Perspectives, by Harold P.  Simonson

Weinstein, Tall Ships on Puget Sound, by Thomas R. Cox

Lower, Ocean of Destiny, by Carl E. Solberg

Woodhouse, Monte Cristo; Majors and McCollum, Monte Cristo Area, by Bruce Mitchell

Steber, Gray, and Gildmeister, Rendezvous, by G. Thomas Edwards

Rusk, Tales of a Western Mountaineer, by Karyl Winn

Canning and Beeton, eds., The Genteel Gentile, by Bruce D. Blumell

Conner and Miller, Master Mariner, by Barry M. Bough

Stave, The Making of Urban History, by Norbert MacDonald

Kilian, Go Do Some Great Thing, by Rudolph M. Lapp

Tikhmenev, A History of the Russian-American Company, trans. and ed. Pierce and Donnelly, by Robert R. Rathburn

Miner and Unrau, The End of Indian Kansas, by Clifford Earl Trafzer

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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