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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 70 Number 3 (July 1979)


Recollections of Deep River. Mildred Evans McLean

Wackaninnish, a Calyoquot Chief, as Recorded by Early Travelers. Valerie Sherer Mathes

Development of the Washington Historical Quarterly, 1906-1935: The Work of Edmond S. Meany and Charles W. Smith. George A. Frykman

The Politics of Allotment: The Flathead Indian Reservation as a Test Case. Burton M. Smith


Fried, John Brown's Journey: Notes and Reflections on His America and Mine, by Richard L. Hume

Hoeveler, The New Humanism: A Critique of Modern America, 1900-1940; Marcaccio, The Hapgoods: Three Earnest Brothers, by Lewis O. Saum

Lucas, comp., Manuscript Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society: Guide No. 3, by Terry Abraham

Alexander, A Clash of Interests: Interior Department and Mountain West 1863-96, by W. Turrentine Jackson

Trani and Wilson, The Presidency of Warren G. Harding, by David H. Stratton

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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