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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 70 Number 2 (April 1979)


The Nearly Forgotten Blacks on Last Chance Gulch, 1900-1912. William L. Lang

An Early Account of Japanese Life in the Pacific Northwest: Writings of Nagai Kafū. Edited and translated by Stephen W. Kohl

The Seattle Jewish Community. Karyl Winn

"A Fearless, Patriotic, Clean-Cut Stand": Idaho's Governor Clark and Japanese-American Relocation in World War II. Robert C. Sims


Hogan, Informal Entente, J. S. Tulchin

Kuklick, The Rise of American Philosophy, by Lewis O. Saum

Olson, Herbert Hoover and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1931-1933, by Gerald D. Nash

Hyman, Marriner S. Eccles, by Lee Scamehorn

Melosi, The Shadow of Pearl Harbor, by Gerald E. Wheeler

Aly, John G. Neihardt: A Critical Biography, by Richard W. Etulain

Boynton, The Painter Lady, by Clayton C. Kirking

Ray, Eskimo Art, by Thomas G. Smith

Haycox, ed., Melvin Ricks' Alaska Bibliography, by Terry Abraham

Jacobsen, Alaskan Voyage, 1881-1883, trans. Gunter, by William H. Wilson

Woodcock, Peoples of the Coast, by Harry J. Calkins

Ramsey, ed., and comp., Coyote Was Going There, by Jay Miller

Hungry Wolf, The Blood People, by Burton M. Smith

Northwest Coast Indian Artists Guild: 1977 Graphics Collection, by James D. Nason

Miller, Ghost Towns of Washington and Oregon, by Bruce Mitchell

Pitzer, Building in the Skagit, by Keith A. Murray

Droker, Seattle's Unsinkable Houseboats, by Norman H. Clark

Ross, The Finn Factor in American Labor, Culture, and Society, by P. George Hummasti

Steffen, William Clark, by Bernard W. Sheehan

Cutright, A History of the Lewis and Clark Journals, by Robert L. Whitner

Peterson, The Bonanza Kings; Mucibabich, Life in Western Mining Camps, by William S. Greever

McCormack, Reformers, Rebels, and Revolutionaries, by Carlos A. Schwantes

Gressley, The Twentieth-Century American West, by Lewis L. Gould

Roy, For Most Conspicuous Bravery, by Richard A. Preston

Wilson, Railroad in the Clouds, by Ted C. Hinckley

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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