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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 70 Number 1 (January 1979)


North Beach, a Pioneer Community. Glenn E. Hoover. Edited by Charles P. LeWarne

The University of Washington and the Controversy over J. Robert Oppenheimer. Jane A. Sanders

Patience and Planning: A Letter from George Washington. Edited by Richard R. Johnson

Leftward Tilt on the Pacific Slope: Indigenous Unionism and the Struggle Against AFL Hegemony in the State of Washington. Carlos A. Schwantes


Tobin, The Making of a History; Philp and West, eds., Essays on Walter Prescott Webb, by Ben Procter

Larsen, The Urban West at the End of the Frontier, by G. J. Pearson

Simon, ed., The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Vol. 6, by Robert W. Johannsen

Levine, Black Culture and Black Consciousness, by Michael Fellman

Keller, Affairs of State, by Lewis L. Gould

Steen, The U.S. Forest Service, by Claude W. Nichols

Davis, comp., North American Forest History; Fahl, North American Forest and Conservation History, by Richard C. Berner

Burbank, When Farmers Voted Red, by David A. Shannon

Lapp, Blacks in Gold Rush California, by James Abajian

Blackford, The Politics of Business in California, 1890-1920, by Rodman W. Paul

Bolt, Ballots before Bullets, by Paul S. Holbo

Hallion, Legacy of Flight, by Robin Higham

Conrat and Conrat, The American Farm, by Carol Zabilski

Fisher, Contact and Conflict, by David McNab

Prucha, A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States, by Robert C. Carriker

Hines, ed., Tales of the Okanogans, by Jarold Ramsey

Halseth and Glasrud, eds., The Northwest Mosaic, by Kent D. Richards

Barnouw, Wisconsin Chippewa Myths and Tales and Their Relation to Chippewa Life, by Theodore Stern

Mengarini, Recollections of the Flathead Mission, trans. and ed. Lothrop, by Merrill G. Burlingame

Wyman, Witching for Water, Oil, Pipes, and Precious Minerals, by Robert G. Dunbar

Pierce, Thirteen Years of Travel and Exploration in Alaska , 1877-1889, by ed. De Armond, Ted C. Hinckley

Bockstoce, Steam Whaling in the Western Arctic, by John Haskell Kemble

Morrison, Ladies Were Not Expected, by T. A. Larson

Wright, The Grizzly Bear, by Terry Abraham

Taylor, Pend Oreille Profiles, by David H. Stratton

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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