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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 69 Number 4 (October 1978)


The Alaskan Agricultural Empire: An American Agrarian Vision, 1898-1929. James R. Shortridge

Send a Gunboat!: Checking Slavery and Controlling Liquor Traffic among Coast Indians of British Columbia in the 1860s. Barry M. Gough

Elberton, Washington, 1900-1910: The Photographs of Archie E. Irwin. Nicholas J. Manring

The Oxford Group and the Strike of the Seattle Longshoremen in 1934. Eckard V. Toy, Jr.


Wold, This Old House, by Alfred Mongin

Clawson, Man, Land, and the Forest Environment, by Robert E. Ficken

Gibson, Imperial Russia in Frontier America, by Leonid Shur

O'Hare, In Prison, by Hugh T. Lovin

Current, The History of Wisconsin, Vol. II: The Civil War Era, by Herman J. Deutsch

Voigt, Public Grazing Lands, by Richard B. Roeder

Lodge, As It Was, by Elmo Richardson

Thane, ed., Governor's Wife on the Mining Frontier, by Alan Edward Amoss

Affleck, Columbia River Chronicle, by Bruce Mitchell

Chance and Chance, Kanaka Village/Vancouver Barracks, 1974, by Roderick Sprague

MacColl, The Shaping of a City, by P. G. Merriam

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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