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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 68 Number 1 (January 1977)


Tampering with the Northwest Frontier: The Accidental Design of the Washington/Idaho Boundary. John R. Wunder

Creating a Provisional Government in Oregon: A Revision. Robert J. Loewenberg

The New Deal. An Essay Review by Richard Lowitt


Flader, Thinking Like a Mountain, by Gordon B. Dodds

Hamby, Beyond the New Deal, by Otis A. Pease

Lang, Conquest and Commerce, by Dauril Alden

Shaffer, The Politics of History, by Jackson T. Main

Bridenbaugh, The Spirit of '76, by J. William T. Youngs, Jr.

Chester, Sectionalism, Politics, and American Diplomacy, by Paul S. Holbo

Brown, The Presidency of John Adams, by Marvin R. Zahniser

Kushner, Conflict on the Northwest Coast, by Ronald J. Jensen

Welter, The Mind of America, 1820-1860, by Lewis O. Saum

Rogin, Fathers and Children, by Robert V. Remini

Satz, American Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era, by Robert J. Loewenberg

Smith, The Presidency of James Buchanan, by Robert W. Johannsen

Barton, ed., Letters from the Promised Land, Walter Johnson

Nordin, Rich Harvest, by Vernon Carstensen

McFarland, Mugwumps, Morals and Politics, 1884-1920, Ted C. Hinckley

Daniels, White House Witness, 1942-1945, by George T. McJimsey

Shideler, ed., Agriculture in the Development of the Far West, by Vincent P. Carosso

Webber, Retaliation, by Gerald E. Wheeler

Shepherd, The Forest Killers, by Thomas R. Cox

Higham, Send These to Me, by William Toll

Heath, Decade of Disillusionment, by F. Ross Peterson

Grele, ed., Envelopes of Sound, by Miriam Feingold Stein and Willa K. Baum

Arrington, Charles C. Rich, by Merle Wells

Akrigg and Akrigg, British Columbia Chronicle, 1788-1846, by Patricia E. Roy

Bish et al., Coastal Resource Use, by Keith A. Murray

Newell, Rouges, Buffoons, and Statesmen, by George W. Scott

McMath, Populist Vanguard, by Gene Clanton

Maclean, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, by E. H. Eby

Bloom, comp. and ed., The Territorial Papers of the United States. Volume 28: The Territory of Wisconsin, 1839-1848, by Alice E. Smith

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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