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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 67 Number 3 (July 1976)


Toward an Efficient and Moral Society: Washington State Minimum Wage Law, 1913-1925. Joseph F. Tripp

Army Officers' Attitudes Toward Indians, 1830-1860. William B. Skelton

The Frontier in Alaska and the Matanuska Colony: Two Reviews. George Sundborg and Stephen Haycox


Luebke, Bonds of Loyalty: German-Americans and World War I, by David F. Trask

Wright, To Die Is Not Enough: A True Account of Murder and Retribution, by George W. Scott

Barth, Instant Cities: Urbanization and the Rise of San Francisco and Denver, by Donald Meinig

Sayelle, Empires to Nations: Expansion in America, 1713-1824, by A. P. Nasatir

Davis, The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1823, by William Toll

Knollenberg, Growth of the American Revolution, 1766-1775, by Richard R. Johnson

Alexander, ed., Essays on the American West, 1973-1974, by T. A. Larson

Elliott, The Rise of Guardian Democracy: The Supreme Court's Role in Voting Rights Disputes, 1849-1969, by Arval A. Morris

Smith, Preliminary Survey of Documents in the Archives of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, by Ted C. Hinckley

Cail, Land, Man, and the Law: The Disposal of Crown Lands in British Columbia, 1871-1913, by Lawrence B. Lee

Cooley, ed., Twelve Mormon Homes Visited in Succession on a Journey Through Utah to Arizona, by Bruce D. Blumell

Bercuson, Confrontation at Winnipeg: Labour, Industrial Relations, and the General Strike, by Joseph R. Conlin

Eisenhower, The President is Calling, by Elmo Richardson

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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