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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 67 Number 1 (January 1976)


The Spokane Indian Mission at Tshimakain, 1838-1848. Clifford M. Drury

The Navy in the Puget Sound War, 1855-1857: A Documentary Study. Francis X. Holbrook & John Nikol

The Washington State Reformatory at Monroe: A Progressive Ornament. Jack M. Holl and Roger A. Pederson

Were We the "Last Best Hope?": Slavery in the Social Order: An Essay Review. William Toll


Mackey, The Kalapuyans, by Stephen Dow Beckham

Danziger, Jr., Indians and Bureaucrats, by David A. Walker

Morison, European Discovery of America: The Northern Voyages and the Southern Voyages, by Dauril Alden

Wilson, Space, Time, and Freedom, by Richard L. Hume

 Bauer, The Mexican War, 1846-1848, by Odie B. Faulk

Pletcher, Diplomacy of Annexation, by Wilbur Devereux Jones

Swisher, Oliver Wendell  Holmes Devise History of the Supreme Court of the United States, Vol. V: The Taney Period, 1836-1864, Robert W. Johannsen

Kaplan, Lincoln Steffens: A Biography, by Herbert Shapiro

Gould, ed., The Progressive Era, by Lee Scott Theisen

Wright, Politics of Populism: Dissent in Colorado, by Gene Clanton

Amos, Above and Beyond in the West: Black Medal of Honor Winners, 1870-1890, by Ben Procter

Fletcher, The Black Soldier and Officer in t he United States Army, 1891-1917, by George Ruble Woolfolk

Toll, Blacking Up, by Lewis O. Saum

Schenck, Birth of Forestry in America, by Robert S. Maxwell

Brooks, History of the Jews in Utah and Idaho, by David L. Crowder

Montgomery, Liberated Woman: A Life of May Arkwright Hutton, by Siegfried B. Rolland

Bjork, ed., Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 26, by Jorgen Dahlie

Kaufman, Efficiency and Expansion, by Lawrence E. Gelfand

Cole, Charles A. Lindbergh and the Battle Against American Intervention in World War II, by Edward M. Bennett

Funk, The Politics of TORCH, by Harry L. Coles

Karl, Charles E. Merriam and the Study of Politics, by Hugh A. Bone

Barnard, Dixiecrats and Democrats; Garson, Democratic Party and the Politics of Sectionalism, 1941-1948, by Allen Yarnell

Richardson, The Phantom Homestead, by James G. Newbill

The Westerners: A Mini-Bibliography and a Cataloging of Publications, by Robert C. Carriker

Harkey, Pioneer Bush Pilot: The Story of Noel Wien, by Stephen Haycox

Pflug, comp. and ed., Guide to the Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs: Wayne State University, by Karyl Winn

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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