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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 66 Number 4 (October 1975)


Liquor Smuggling in Alaska, 1867-1899. Roland L. De Lorme

British Threats and the Settlement of the Oregon Boundary Dispute. Stuart Anderson

The Western Federation Comes to Alaska. James C. Foster

Conflict on the Frontier: The Case of Harney County, Oregon, 1870-1900. Margaret L. Sullivan


Fehrenbach, Comanches: The Destruction of a People, by Kenny A. Franks

Highsmith, Jr., ed., Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, by George A. Frykman

Slickopoo, Sr., Noon Nee-me-poo: Culture and History of the Nez Perces, Vol. 1, by Merle W. Wells

Nitske, trans., Lottinville, ed., Travels in North America, 1822-1824, by Paul Wilhelm, Duke of Württemberg, by Ben Procter

Simon, ed., The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Vol. 5, by Robert W. Johannsen

La Forte, Leaders of Reform: Progressive Republicans in Kansas, 1900-1916; Williams, Senator John James Ingalls: Kansas' Iridescent Republican, by LeRoy Ashby

Eggert, Richard Olney: Evolution of a Statesman, by Paul S. Holbo

Twichell, Jr., Allen: The Biography of an Army Officer, 1859-1930, by Joseph J. Ellis

Warren, An Alternative Vision: The Socialist Party in the 1930's, by David A. Shannon

Jones, Roosevelt's Image Brokers: Poets, Playwrights, and the Use of the Lincoln Symbol, by George Wolfskill

Ninth Annual Report of the State Mineralogist for the Year Ending December 1, 1889 (California); Mines and Minerals of Washington: Annual Report of George A. Bethune, First State Geologist (1890); Mines and Minerals of Washington States: Second Annual Report (1891), by Robert L. Romig

Glynn-Ward, The Writing on the Wall, by R. E. Wynne

Boschken, Corporate Power and the Mismarketing of Urban Development: Boise Cascade Recreation Communities, by George W. Scott

Merriam, ed., Frontier Women: The Story of Mary Ronan as Told to Margaret Ronan, by Mary W. Avery

Mary Williamson Avery, 1907-1975, by Herman L. Deutsch

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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