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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 66 Number 1 (January 1975)


The Aberdeen, Washington, Free Speech Fight of 1911-1912. Charles Pierce LeWarne

The Formation of a Municipal Reform Movement: The Municipal League of Seattle. Lee F. Pendergrass

The Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska: Innokentii Veniaminov's Supplementary Account (1858). Translated by Robert Croskey

Social Organization and Cultural Change: An Essay Review. William Toll


Nash, The American West in the Twentieth Century, by Earl Pomeroy

Clark, A Venture in History: The Production, Publication, and Sale o the Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, by John Caughey

Fedorova, Russian Population in Alaska and California, trans. and ed. Pierce an Donnelly; Khlebnikov, Baranov, trans. and ed. Bearne and Pierce; Howay, List of Trading Vessels in the Maritime Fur Trade, 1785-1825, ed. Pierce; Pierce, Alaskan Shipping, 1867-1878: Arrivals and Departures from the Port of Sitka, by William R. Hunt

Gunther, Indian Life on the Northwest Coast of North America, by Donald C. Cutter

Oberg, Social Economy of the Tlingit Indians, by Catherine McClellan

Spence and Jackson, eds., Expeditions of John Charles Frémont, Vol. 2, Bear Flag Revolt and the Court-Martial, and Vol. 2 Supplement, Proceedings of the Court-Martial, by W. N. Davis, Jr.

Weems, To Conquer a Peace, by Richard N. Ellis

May, Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, by Wilton B. Fowler

Stanley, Nation in the Making, by Albert Ravenholt

Hollon, Frontier Violence, by David J. Langum

Etulain and Marley, eds., The Idaho Heritage, by William S. Greever

Sucher, eds., Ashel Curtis Sampler, by Robert D. Monroe

Cherrington, Mission on the Fraser, by John E. Gibbard

Laslett and Lipset, eds., Failure of a Dream? by Joseph R. Conlin

Trattner, From Poor Law to Welfare State by Jack M. Holl

Modell, ed., The Kikuchi Diary, by S. Frank Miyamoto

Funigiello, Toward a National Power Policy, by Wesley Arden Dick

Peterson, Prophet without Honor, by Siegfried B. Rolland

Yarnell, Democrats and Progressives, by F. Ross Peterson

Douglas, Go East, Young Man: The Early Years, by Robert E. Ficken

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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